Creating a list of doors where the 'to room' parameter is filled in

In some cases there is no room at the ‘to room’ side of a door.
When using the ‘get to-from room’ node of the package ‘get to-from room’ I’m having a mismatch between the number of elements in the output and the number of elements in the door list.

So my question is how to get a list of only the doors who are having a filled in ‘to room’ parameter?
Or is it’s possible to have a ‘to room’ list where the result is ‘empty’ when the ‘to room’ parameter doesn’t exist?

Hi @joris.vanbossche, there was a discussion around this topic recently where you could possibly find something useful:

Hi @Yna_Db, Thanks for the link but in all topics there is no answer on my question how to have a list of doors that correspond to the list of ‘to room’ or ‘from room’.

The number of elements in the door lists doesn’t correspond to the number of elements in the door list… :frowning:
And I need this answer to send information of the rooms to the doors.

Did you also try the bimorph.GetScheduleData node from Bimorph Nodes?

I’ve made a workflow with the proposal of @Yna_Db:

I’m not a fan of using schedules in a script so is there a solution to avoid this workflow and read out directly the corresponding to room value for doors?


I tried to install the Bakery pakage to get the “bv IDs to Elements” - al I got installed was the How to install node with minimum info that left me feeling stupid and unable to install the pakage.

Is there an alternative node/pakage I could use - or could someone help me out installing the Bakery pakage?

Hi @Spineboat

Here is another possible way…


Hi! Can you please tell me, where did you get those method? Design Script Guide or what?