Room boundaries not working in custom node

I am running Dynamo 1.3 on Revit 2017. I am trying to get room boundaries. I normally use the Lunchbox room collector node but what I am finding is that boundaries are calculated in the normal graph, but not in the custom node. It is weird. The other data - element, name, number, etc. come through in the custom node but not the boundary output. I’ve tried the OOTB Dynamo nodes and also the clockwork nodes but get the same result. It use to work in earlier versions on Dynamo.

Any ideas?


Hi @Paul_Wintour

Standard OOTB nodes is working as expected. I just tested it by creating custom node and it works.

@Kulkul. It’s still not working for me. Creating a new custom node from scratch seems to works. Copy and pasting into a new custom node doesn’t work. The node I am having issue with is the ‘Room.ExportToRhino’ from BVN package.

What are you copying and pasting?

@Kulkul the contents of the ‘Room.ExportToRhino’ node from BVN package.

@Paul_Wintour just a moment i will test it now from my side.

@Kulkul thank you

I just tested copying and pasting custom node LunchBox roomcollector from your “Room.ExportToRhino” and it works.

@Kulkul on Revit 2017 with Dynamo 1.3?


@Paul_Wintour Could you show us what is your “Lunchbox Package” version?

@Kulkul its the latest - 2017.2.12

After you copy from your custom node and use that node in Canvas what is the output your getting?

@Kulkul I’ve managed to fix it but not sure what was going on. Very strange behaviour. Copy and pasting the entire old custom node into a new custom node didn’t work. Creating a new custom node with just the Lunchbox room collector in it worked. I could output the rooms and their boundaries.

The problem seems to be the Rhynamo node at the end of the custom node. I think Rhynamo has been updated to include an additional input for units. Once I nominated ‘millimeters’ as the unit it all worked. But it is strange that the room collector node wouldn’t work when there was an error further down stream.

Any thoughts as why this would be the case?