Nodes not working when placed in a custom node

Hey everyone! I’m trying to simplify a graph for our staff by containing a number of nodes within a custom node, but once I put the set of nodes in a custom node, the script no longer works. The script is finding the room center boundaries and using those to create area boundaries, place areas at the room locations, then dumps some data from the room elements to the corresponding area elements. The rooms need to get split up by level since the AreaSeparator.FromCurve node requires a view, so my intention was to place all of the nodes I described above in a custom node so they only have to copy-paste the custom node and Views node for each level.

I think the problem lies in drawing the area boundaries, this section below. This works perfectly fine in the graph, but once I contain them in a custom node and bring that into the graph, the area boundaries won’t get drawn. I added some transaction nodes to the custom node as per suggestions in a similar topic on this forum, but still no luck.

The weird thing is that the ModelCurves are still being output from the custom node…but I can’t see them in the area plan and if I Select by ID in Revit, it says the IDs are invalid.

Another weird thing I’ve noticed is that as the script is running, I will see the area boundaries in the area plan view while the script is still running, but the moment it’s done, they disappear! Anybody know what gives?

Sounds like a lost iteration issue. Once you go ink a custom node you begin to perform the functions contained in the node on each item in the list of inputs. If you post your dyn, the dyf, and a sample rvt file to test with I can try and have a look later.

Also, note that sometimes just grouping and organizing nodes, and setting the script to run via Dynamo Player is the best solution for ‘user simplicity’.

Hey, sorry for the delay. Dyn, dyf, and the rvt file I’ve been testing on attached. Appreciate your help!!
LEED_Gross Sqft from Walls.dyn (55.1 KB)
Area Boundaries from Room Center Boundaries.dyf (9.1 KB)
Revit file