Custom node failing in v0.9.2

I have a custom node in my BVN Dynamo package called ‘Room.ExportToRhino’. It use to work in 0.9.1 but I just upgraded to 0.9.2 and now it is failing. The problem is, if I copy and paste the entire element onto the canvas it works fine. Has there been any update that requires modifications for it to work within a custom node?


Can you post what error it is giving you? It might be helpful to others that can help.




The error really doesn’t tell you anything. plus if you go into the custom node, data doesn’t flow through it live so there is no way to debug it! Any thoughts on how to solve?



Hi Paul,

How are the inputs inside the CN looking like? My guess is that if you’ve defined one of the inputs in a way that 0.92 disagrees with, that’s somehow messing with the CN’s lacing.

Hi Dimitar

Do you mean the syntax of the input node?


Yep. Try changing the following:

filePath :FilePath -> filePath : String

LayerName : String = Floors -> LayerName : String = “Floors”

change the double as well to int if you are passing an int, or var if you want to pass either I think.

Yes the inputs are the problem but Dimitar that didn’t work. If I jut get rid of the comments and the data hint/default values, it works. Is there anywhere where cluster inputs are documented? As I mentioned it worked fine in 9.1 but not in 9.2. I’m wondering if it is file path. I noticed recently that you don’t need to use the file from path node anymore, that file path works when connected to a file input.