Finish floors from room outlines incl door thresholds works, but not as custom node

Hi all !

The graph creates a floor from a room including the threshold of doors in room bounding walls. I want to be able to feed it the room list with associated floor types and have it loop through them one at a time. It doesn’t work with a multiple selection. For that I was figuring on converting it to a custom node but I get null when I do that.

The file with spaces in the name is the original with comments. Packages include Clockwork, Rythm, Springs & Archilab.

So if anyone can help with getting the custom node thing to work that would be great. And if you’ve got any suggestions for making the graph itself better that would be greater yet.

See the DYN, DYF and RVT files here. This is in Revit 2019 and Dynamo 2.02.6833.

Thanks !


The customnode looks like it’s encountering a bug we fixed in the master branch of dynamo - try not using spaces in the name of the input ports.

Absolutely correct ! Wow. CamelCase to the rescue. Thanks !

On the downside turning this into a custom node isn’t solving my underlying problem yet, but at least I know how now. Thanks muchly !


@scott.mitchell fyi