Creating Spaces from Rooms

Hello, this is my first post. I’m really green with Dynamo and just trying to pick a task to start with. I’ve seen other posts on this forum about completing this task, and I’ve also read the blog post that a lot of other users refer to:

I’ve downloaded all the necessary packages, including dynamomep. The problem is; it seems like some of the nodes in dynamomep have been changed and renamed. Instead of “Room.FromElement” and “Room.LocationPoint”, they are now “Custom…”.

In the image above I have tried writing the code in two different ways and it breaks at the same spot, on the node in question.

Anyone have any advice on the new version of dynamomep, or some python script to use instead?

Thanks in advance.

Please check if they are design to your Dynamo version some packages are old and not updated to latest Dynamo when API code is changed will not work anymore.

PS. Not sure why I can not see image…? resolution seems to be high?

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I will try to see if I can figure out what dynamo version DynamoMEP 0.5.1 is designed for, I’m not sure where to go to find that though. I’m currently running Dynamo 1.2.

As for the image, I exported it from dynamo. Not sure of the best way to get an image in here. Here is a snip of the topmost graph.

Update: looks like Room nodes were updated to Custom Room nodes two months ago for support for Dynamo 1.2. I’ve submitted an issue to github, we shall see. In the mean time, anyone have some python code I can use? I heard reference of it in another forum post.

first and foremost resolve the issue with null return from GetElementsFromLinkedFile node. That will stop everything from execution downstream.

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Thank you Konrad. Increasing the Integer slider alleviated that issue.

Now, as far as I am aware what you have retrieved is Rooms that exist in LINKED MODEL. They don’t actually exist in the model that you are trying to create spaces. Are you sure that CustomRoom nodes are able to use Rooms from linked models to create rooms in current model? I doubt it.

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I’m not sure it does either, according to the github: “Rename Room to CustomRoom to manage built-in Room node”.

I don’t see any further documentation on how the rename of the custom node affects it’s performance.

it should work. What does the error say?

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Hi @amvincent_heapy_com

You need to get room locations from linked files and then create spaces.


Warning: CustomRoom.FromElement operation failed.
An error occured

Kulkul, I’ve seen a screenshot of this in a previous forum post. The problem is that Room.FromElement and Room.LocationPoint are no longer in DynamoMEP. They are now “Custom…”.

@amvincent_heapy_com Could you please drop your files here. We will have closer look at it. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Create Spaces from Rooms.dyn (30.9 KB)

Here it is again. A co-worker helped me, it seems to be working. Now I just need to do some clean-up and see what else can be added in. Create Spaces from Rooms.dyn (2.0 MB)

What did you have to do to get it to work properly? I am having the same issue with the DynamoMEP CustomRoom nodes failing. I am running Revit 2017, Dynamo, and DynamoMEP version 0.5.1.

Wow, talk about an over-complicated code. As someone new to Dynamo myself, I can appreciate all of the help you’re getting. Let me chime in with this gem I came across (only uses 8 nodes):

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Good find Shawn, pretty cool. What I was mostly hoping to accomplish though is creating a code that places a space on top of each room regardless of phase or level. Getting a space on each room can be a painstaking and tedious process sometimes on a more complicated project that has multiple phases and various levels.

I managed to clean up the attatched script and now it works like a charm. Only drawback is that it creates spaces with default height (400 cm). It does not copy exactly the rooms from liked files. So if you have an elevator or stairs you need to adjust manually.

Can You share the updated script please? I am trying to convert rooms into space.