Room and door access


I want to make a scrypt that searches the project for all rooms whitout doors and windows. Just to see if we forgot any :slight_smile:
Any ideas wich nodes I have to use to achieve this?

Use all rooms category and then clockworks node door rooms and windows rooms…then you get all room with door and windows…

then you have all rooms and rooms with door or windows…need use filter…then you can get room without door and windows.

note: rooms without windows and doors? its not room.

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OK thx I will try that,
I’m new to dynamo and I want to make some checks in dynamo to check the model for errors.

nearly there :slight_smile:

can is select the list and go tho the lements in Revit directly?

Cant really see the nodes you are using in your image.
This should work for you hopefully: