Help in separates the parameters on their respective hosts

Hello everyone, could anyone help me to separate the values in their proper places. Ex.

Room 01–>
Generic wall 01
Area 01
Generic wall 02
Area 02
Generic wall 03
Area 03
Room 02–>
Generic wall 04
Area 04
Generic wall 05
Area 05
Generic wall 06
Area 06


Robert thanks a lot! It is very complex. Can you help me in this diagram, if i have a window, where i have to start the

What do you want to do with windows? From what package is

The is from the clockwork. I would like to identify the walls rooms if have Windows in the respective walls and calculate the areas.

Area of rooms, walls, walls without windows?

And if the one the walls have a Windows? Thanks for the help!

Dynamo doesn’t change even if you haven’t windows or you have two on one wall.

Robert thanks for replay, i will try to do this like you taugth me and post the result later. Thanks.

Hello Robert, would you like to help me to make a diagram that show something like this:
Room 01–>
Generic wall 01
Area wall 01
Generic wall 02
Area wall 02
window 01
area window 01
Generic wall 03
Area wall 03