Room.doors /clockworks /dynamo 2x

Hi. What is the name of the actual version of ROOM.DOORS node of Clockworks for Dynamo 2.x?

I don’t quite understand the question :frowning:

Maybe this helps?



This may help:

I realized the problem was Clockworks is missing in my library ( not visible but installed)
And all nodes related are “hidden” or not available.
Do you know how to fix it?

Which Clockwork version, Dynamo version and which Revit version are you in?

Thanks for reply
Revit: 2018.3
Dynamo: 2.01
Clockworks for Dynamo 2.x: 2.3.0

Try upgrading to Dynamo 2.0.3 via

Done. But still missing clockworks

Hi, I unistalled all packages, and upgrade dynamo
Then i have installed clockworks first
And now it works

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