Rooms.DoorsOrWindows explanation


Would someone mind explaining how the Rooms.DoorsOrWindows node works? What types of inputs are required?



This node will retrieve all doors (or windows) for a given room. Here’s how:



Is there a way to find windows associated with an area instead of a room? I’m trying generate a list that correlates windows with areas on an Area Plan rather than rooms placed on a Floor Plan (I know, not ideal)…


Andreas, I copied the workflow you posted above and am only getting null results. Any idea why this might be happening?


1_Room.DoorsOrWindows not working


Notice how I left the Room input of Room.DoorsOrWindows unconnected? You should do that, too.

I will improve this node in the future so it can process lists of rooms without using a List.Map node (


I knew I was overlooking something, thanks.


With Dynamo, the devil is definitely in the details… :wink:


hey guys,

i am trying to use the same nobe with a very simple example but i am getting an empty list, any advice?


screen 1 screen 2


In his example Andreas plugged the “first” output port, not “in”. Could that be it?


David is correct. Plug the “first” output into the phase and you should be all set.


I am trying to extract co-ordinates of doors/windows from Revit files.

I am new to Dynamo.

Can you please let me know if there is any way to extract the co-ordinates?

I am posting this here as I thought it might be relevant.



Hello Abhijit, I think this has already been discussed in other posts but the forum search function seems to be incapable of locating them. Have you tried with the “FamilyInstance.Location” node?


It might be better to start a new post next time, so that it’s easier for others to find it.


I tried doing what you suggested.

In my test revit file, I have one room with 2 windows. After I followed the steps you showed, I got an array of 2 (X,Y,Z) co-ordinates.

I did not understand which are these co-ordinates exactly.

I need all 4 co-ordinates of each window/door. Or, at least 2 diagonally opposite co-ordinates of each window to re-create the window.

And if there is a way to extract the co-ordinates, can you please tell me what should I do to write the list of co-ordinates to text file.

I will soon post my problem as a new post as you have suggested.

Thank you.


This solution works great for a few rooms, but with a building with 500+ rooms it takes too long time.

Does there exist another more durable method?


Hi, I’m trying to make this node work for me, but i keep getting empty lists as a result. Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong?


Hi Dmitrijs,

If your having trouble using clockwork package you can also get what your looking for from Steam nodes “Tools.GetSurroundingElements”.


Thanks for that Kulkul, thats a very useful node.

Just one thing. When I try to use it on walls though, it returns more elements than Id expect (rectangular rooms showing 5 or more walls). I think it counts the adjacent walls as well. Is there a way around it? I tried playing with the tolerance value but it isnt helping much.




Its working fine from my side adjust tolerance see below.