Auto update conduit project parameters

Hi everyone!
Hoping to get some insight on a script I am using to populate my conduit run schedules. Please keep in mind I am really new to Dynamo and I am not even sure this can be done. I have a script I wrote was based off of a previous post on here. I am tab selecting a conduit run and populating several shared parameters such as Feeder #, To, From, etc… then running the script so that that information is populated in the conduit run schedule. What I am hoping to achieve is to have the conduit run information automatically update if I draw new conduit on a run that already has the parameter information populated in the model. Is there a way to get dynamo to find the parameter values from an existing conduit run that is drawn in and when I add to that run, have it carry over the parameter values from the run I am adding too? Attached is a screenshot of one of the groups from my original script. I basically have this group copied several times with different parameter names in each group. If anyone has any ideas on how to make this work I would really appreciate it.

Did you ever manage to figure this out. I am looking for the same thing