Rhynamo coordinates doesn't macth

Hello. Konnichiwa.
I tried to use Rhynamo , but it doesn’t read correct coordinates of Rhino’s lines.
How to work them correctly?
I need a teacher for Rhynamo…
thank you.

3Dtop2.3dm (664.5 KB)

Can you post your Rhino file? or a download link to it for testing?

thank you for reply Mr.Ewan_Opie.
I finally could post Rhino file on the first article.

The file I posted is shrinked model from the model of images I posted, because it was too large for post.

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I cannot see any geometry in your test file, are you sure it contains members?

I have tested the same workflow with a 3dm file sample I use, and can see geometry.

Thank you for your pointing out.
I have erased too much…
Here is the correct model contains geometry as “Line”.

3Dtop3.3dm (2.3 MB)