About Rhynamo "Rhino_MeshToDs"

I use rhynamo to get a rhino model in dynamo, however this is something wrong with it ,and i can’t handle it. Is there someone else meet the problem , or someone who can help me ,thanks.

warning: can’t find the function named Translate (at Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Mesh , use _array,double,double,double)

Hi Vincent,
Can you show watch node after “RhinoTranslationToDS.Rhino.Rhino_MeshToDS”. Are you getting polysurface?

This is the whole nodes

Hi Kulkul,

You will need to convert Mesh to polysurface. Have a look at Dimitar’s reply at this post Rhino mesh to Revit mass form

Hi Kulkul,
Thanks,however it seems that it doesn’t work.:pensive:

Can you drop here rhino file?

Did you try the other node called “RhinoTranslationToDS.Rhino_BrepsToDS” that will give you polysurface then you can use “Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces” to convert to solid.

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i’ll try tomorrow. Thank you .

You can drop file in dropbox and drop the link here.

The model is baked from grasshopper