Extract Geometry from Rhino .3dm File

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I received some .3dm files from a competition, and I am trying to convert them into Revit geometry using the Rhynamo package. I get the below error when I attempt to do so. Please let me know how I can fix this. See the .dyn file attached and download the .3dm file from the link below. Thanks for the help.

2021_06_30_3dm to Dynamo.dyn (14.3 KB)

dont have Rhynamo at myself, but what happens if you connect "filepath node directly to "rhinofile, instead of go through "file from path

when you install Rhynamo, it says that it is no longer being actively developed.
I don’t know which versions of Revit/Dynamo it works with, or if it works with Rhino 7 files

You would probably be better off with either Rhino.Inside.Revit, or Conveyor (from Proving Ground, same as Rhynamo)



Just to add to this- your screenshot looks like you are trying to import a Rhino terrain model

If it’s just a once-off thing, best method is probably to export from Rhino either points or a triangulated mesh into DWG format, then built a toposurface in Revit. You obviously need Rhino for this, as well as the Rhino.Inside option

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could an option be in rhino save as Sat file…

what Version of Rhinoceros and Revit is being used?

I’ll add another option: import the 3DM directly to Revit and then do any rebuilds or manipulation after the fact with Dynamo.


Yes Jacob, i had already tried to import directly in Revit 2021 with no luck…@ bayowindapo think thre are something wrong there…

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Hi there, wow, thanks for the responses.
I’ve tried importing directly into Revit, but that does not work. There might be something wrong with the file.
I do not use Rhino or have the software, so I’ll look into downloading it to see what I can do. I think the conveyor plugin suggested by Andrew is my best bet for now.
Thanks for the help.

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If you don’t have Rhino you won’t be able to use Rhynamo.

I don’t think thats true - Rhynamo can parse 3dm files directly using opennurbs - it doesn’t require Rhino - or shouldn’t.

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thanks Jacob
Looks like there is a new feature in 2022 that I was not aware of
The project I am currently working on has only just upgraded from 2019 to 2020…

McNeel are quite generous with their trial versions- I think you get 90 days

Not every geometry created from Rhino can be imported into Revit.
I use Rhino but not a professional user. Sometimes, open solid geometry in Rhino (even the opening of geometry is tiny), Revit can’t understand it and refuse for direct import.

Hi All

So I just decided to download Rhino and exported the geometry as a .SAT file which opened perfectly in Dynamo.