Revit "Z" Coordinates in project

Hi forum

I made a dynamo rutine that look for coordinates “X , Y, Z” in an excel, and with that coordinates you could create any family in a conceptual mass enviroment. The problem is that when i try to use the rutine in a project enviroment, the “Z” axis is not considered.

This is an imagen of the mass enviroment and the family (in this case a mass sphere) floating ok in the X,Y,Z coordinates.

captura 1






I would love to know if its possible using a Z coordinate in a project enviroment…


HI Miguel,

What kind of family are you placing? It may be that you need to use the “Z” value to set the “offset” parameter for the family.

Exactly! but how can i use the “Z” value to set the “offset” parameter??

Thanks for the fast reply

I already solve the problem! yeah!

the solution was in this

captura 2