Dynamo Z axes and Revit Z axes are not matching only for Families which are related to light

I am trying to upload some Families like Light into my revit project and then by using Dynamo i am trying to placing these families on the ceiling but only the Light Families are not placing at right position only the Z-axis.

Lighting_Ceiling-Mounted_Kreon_down-in-line-165.rfa (1.1 MB) Lighting_Ceiling-Mounted_XAL_TASK_round_surface_001_EN-DE.rfa (1.1 MB) Lighting_Other_Flexalighting_Jupiter_Square.rfa (912 KB) Lighting-Pendant-Cooper-Shaper-749.rfa (440 KB) Lighting-Pendant-Vibia-BIG_0536.rfa (508 KB) Lighting-SIMES-S.5570W-MEGAZIP_DOWNLIGHT_ROUND.rfa (552 KB)

these are some families that i have tried bot not working only the Z-axis issue


have you tried FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel? or FamilyInstance.ByFace?

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Thank you sir for reply. This is the solution that i have find for this

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Great! :slight_smile: don’t forget to mark this posed as solved.