Align to Z point

Hi Guys,

I am trying to Align families to a given point (Z Coordinate). The situation is, previously the families have been placed according to data (X, Y, & Z cooridnates) given by the client, now they changed the the whole project data especially the Z coordinates of the families. Is there a way to align the families with the help of Dynamo (multiple families would be a great help). I tried with a simple script (please see below image), but not succeeded. Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance

Hi Ali,

What is your family category? Could you drop here your rfa file?

Hi Kulkul,

Thanks for prompt reply, it is Site category

There are nearly 5000 families and their types, so it is very tedious and painful to align each and every family to a given point (Z coordinate), hope somebody can understand the pain and come up with a solution, thanks in advance.

You need to use “Element.SetLocation” from Springs node package.

Hi @Kulkul,

Apology for the delay in reply, yes it seems working fine for me, but another issue with me is, I have to extract the Z coordinate from topography with the given X and Y coordinates, so that I place them at right place. Since morning, I was trying to search some of previous discussions and I found some helpful from @Vikram_Subbaiah and others. I tried to get Z coordinate from the topography, but i am only able to one value everywhere ( please see image below). In simple words, I need Z coordinate of topography with the given X and Y coordinate. Can you or somebody help me, thanks in advance.

Sorry, did not attach image, please find below

Mark the post as solved and start new topic with your another issue. This topic doesn’t match with your issue.

Thanks for your support…I really appreciate…cheers:slight_smile: