Place Family Using X,Y,Z co-ordination



Hi Dynamo Community,

I am new to this. i need to place family in revit using X,Y,Z co-ordination… X & Y value got from autocad to excel, for z value based on face i need to place a family. ( For example : like placing lights in ceiling based on autocad X&Y, based on revit model Z value). As of now i got script for placing family using X&Y co-ordination from Autocad to Excel to Dynamo. But for Z, i am not getting how to do. Please someone help to find solution.

Align 1000 family in face of floor and beam
Placing of Lighting Fixture on multiple ceilings at different heights

You can set the variable “Offset” to the height on this floor.


Hi Thanks for reply… any particular nodes for that…? Sorry i am new to dynamo…


Offset counts as a parameter so Element.SetParameterByName will do.


i need to place family in face of floor… my work was need to place a family in bottom of floor and beam. so z value will different in each face, like floor have different z and beam have different z value. i took x&y value from autocad to excel. now i have place family using those co-ordination…


i tried like this but one family only placing. i need to place 2000 family in beam and floor face…


What’s the error you’re getting from FamilyInstance.ByFace?


i create a family face based, i try to place those family in that different level floor. i got this error…



I guess I should’ve been asking for the error that comes from the Point.ByCoordinates node.


No Z value input have some error… i think i made mistake in script…


what is your custom node ‘Transfrom_Revit_In’ doing ?

Whatever it is, Point.ByCoordinates does not like it- so the error from this node would be useful


Autocad to Excel to Revit try.dyn (55.1 KB)

Hi Sir thanks for reply…
i uploaded the dynamo file… that custom node from HOT GEAR node…



this is co-ordination from autocad to excel. Now in i need to place circular family in bottom face of floor and beam. beam and floor in different height…


Any nodes for align the family based on face…? once create family based on x&y co-ordination…


Try Springs Point.PullontoPlane & Clockwork Plane.ByBestFitFromFace. Get the element.geometries and filter out faces with the lowest z value, Get planes from those faces and project your X&Y points onto them. Does that work for you ?


Hi Thanks for reply… i tried i think i did mistake… it is not align… i am very new to dynamo… let me know what i have to change…


Can you attach your graph and a sample Revit file? There’s an error there somewhere but I can’t tell from this.


Try to use the point.project node like so:


Thank you so much sir . it worked…


Hi jfmonod … Thank you so much for your reply… i got solution…