Placing objects in Revit based on specified Z coordinates

Hi friends
I’m trying to place objects like street light in Revit based on the specified X, Y and Z coordinates I have in a Excel file. I am using the Springs.Element.SetLocation node as shown in the picture below to set my elements’ start elevation based on the Z coordinates I have in my Excel file, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I also tried Element.SetLocation node but it didn’t work too. Another problem is that it seems dynamo reads the Z based on the End Z (End Point). I want to set my object’s Start Z which is Zero now in my model as shown below. I attached my dynamo file here. Could anybody tell me where the problem is?
Thanks a lot

Automatic Placing Objects in the specified coordinates.dyn (269.6 KB)

Sharing the Excel-file and the family will make it easier to test :slight_smile:

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Thanks @MartinSpence for your response. Find the attached files please

Coordinates.xlsx (14.0 KB)

M_Street Light - Standard.rfa (448 KB)

This might have something to do with your struggles:

Edit: Didnt fix it :slight_smile:

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Could you please test it on a simple element like pile or column? Thanks

This is just a generic family which works as expected:

I think there’s som sort of constraint if your family that might be messing this up.

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Thanks @MartinSpence

Could you please send me your family to let me test it too in my PC?
Thanks :slight_smile: