Revit to Excel - Dynamo



I added a column in the abacus (costs) where I entered the values manually but these unlike the others (es: volume) are not recognized!!


Please upload a screenshot where you can actually see which nodes you’re using… And also enable all previews :slight_smile:

(You can zoom into a single node and use the camera icon in the top right corner to capture your screenshot…)

You could try and use the “object.type” to verify your data types, but I do not think that is the case as of yet.


Try using “Element.Parameters” to explore which parameters are callable…

Also do upload a screenshot where you have enabled the previews (so that we can see the information flow).


You have still not enabled the previews…

Also, please show the revit elements in Revit showing the desired parameter…


“Costo totale” does not seem to contain any information…

Could you… like I asked in last post… add the pictures of your Revit file showing that the parameter has a value that you’ve added…

Alternatively you should upload both your “.rvt” AND your “.dyn” file to the post…

Currently that’s not much we can do for you… (Also a reply every now and then would go a long way instead of just changing the original post…)


I think the problem is due to the fact that the values of the cost column are entered manually


I’ll need to get the .rvt and .dyn files…

This looks like a schedule and not a element parameter fyi

You’re pulling information from your walls mind you, not from your schedules…


the revit file is very heavy
I simply inserted the cost column where I attributed the unit costs from which then I obtained the total cost with a function


So you’re working in the schedule not the elements from which you try and query the information in dynamo…