Error: How to import excel values into Revit elements parameter

Dear All,

I am new to Dynamo, but maybe you could help me to solve the issue. My excel file values do not appear in the element parameters.

I have an excel file with parameters, which I need to nest into the elements. For some reasons, values aren`t placed on those elements.

I appreciate your comments and help.

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Just an initial thought as I happen to be away from a computer to do a thorough check.

Have you set the Parameters you want to change into Instance Parameters by any chance ? Should change the values

All these parameter are instance.
The values appear into other elements (see image).
The parameter “BT Code” ( in excel and Revit is unique ID parameter) with it I am trying to connect the information and add “Comment” and “Mark” values.

Dynamo should find the same “BT Code” value in revit and write the other values. Maybe someone has a solution or advise?

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Could you please share your Dynamo file together with a sample Revit File? :slight_smile:


Please find attached revit file, dyn. and excelDynamo test.xlsx (8.2 KB) Home.dyn (39.2 KB)

Revit file in wetransfer link. Sorry was not able to reduce till minimum 4000KB. My rvt. file is 5720KB.

Okay i have downloaded everything, i’ll have a look at it

Could you maybe explain one more time what you are actually trying to do?
Are you trying to get Excel to Revit or are you trying to get Revit to Excel?
And what information is given to the other.

I am trying to import Excel values into Revit.
In Excel and in Revit I have the same parameter- “BT Code”, which is my unique Id.
BT Code is instance parameter in revit, the values are the same in excel and in revit. I want to keep this BT code as my identification number.
“Comments” and “Mark” values are just in excel sheet, I want them to be linked/ mapped into my Revit elements. But… To find the right elements in which values need to be written, I use “BT Code”.

What I cannot solve? With dynamo I tried to find the matching “BT Code” values in revit and in excel. If I find the same values, then dynamo will write my “Comments” and “Mark” in correct elements.

I was using this video to make the dynamo nodes. Principle is the same.

Maybe this will help you to understand me better.
can you help me to make a node in dynamo, which will find just those elements with matching values from excel sheet?

Only these 3 BT Codes?

Okay i see, so you have an Excel file, which has all the information which needs to be added in three Colums:
BT Code / Marks / Comments and you want to import this data into your Revit through Dynamo.

Let me set something up for you! :slight_smile:

Try using this:

Set Parameters from Excel Import 15-01-2020.dyn (46.7 KB)