Problem with revit to excel export

Hi everyone. im trying to create a link between revit and excell for foundation pad sizes using a farly simple script. i thought i would also have a type mark value. The proplem is that width and length are working but the type mark and foundation thickness are not. it appears that that excell is recognising im trying put something in there but the values are not appearing. Also, i can see that Dynamo is not reading the particular parameters when i run it. Ive tried just doing single exports to revit also and it definatley these to parameters which are having trouble. I ve snapshot the script, maybe it will help Any help would be really appreciated.

You seem to be missing an input. Connect watch to element.getparameter input(Element).

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Thanks alot. ill get back when ive had a chance to correct it

Hi again. Yes i see i havent connected the one at the top here. Though unfortunatly im still having the same issue when i correct. The values for those two parameters just arn’t coming through. Frustrating.

Type Mark is not an instance parameter.
A type parameter, can be obtained by using the Element.ElementType node, feed in the element.

Thanks Marcel. Ill definatley give that a go and get back to you. Though it just occured to me, all the parameters here are type paramters and 2 of them worked and three of them are the same, as in they are dimension parameters. It does seem odd. Still, Ill deffinatley give it ago and et you know

Marcel, bingo! got it pal! Top man :grinning: :+1: :+1:

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