Excel to revit help please


I know there is a lot of the same topic as I have in this forum but still can’t figure out why I can’t fix the issue I have. Please see attached screenshot.

Any help to solve this would be much appreciated.

You are trying to write multiple values to the “Type” parameter hence the “array_array_array” in the error message. You need to only have one list item going to the “Value” of the Element.SetParameterByName. It looks like you need to clean you list up, or not transpose it. Can you elaborate one what information you are trying to push? You also need to find a way of selecting the element you want to push the information. If they elements already have a “Mark” get them with that, then supply the rest of the information to each parameter with a value.

Not sure it’ll work but try switching the lacing of the setparameter node to longest

Hi Guys,

I managed to sort this out using List.GetItemAtIndex then feed this to Element.SetParameterByName, however if I change my instance parameter to type parameter, error pops-out and it won’t read the data from excel. Is there any way to write/read type parameters from excel into revit?

Type parameters work the same as instance in Dynamo, except you don’t/can’t write them to Revit Instaces - instead you need to get the family types from the family instances and write the type parameters to those. So if you have a list of 100 family instances, you may only have 5-6 unique family types in there, so you need to generate a much shorter list of types to write to.

Also - there should be no error reading a type parameter from Excel (as far as Dynamo knows it’s not any different than any other bit of data). The error is likely when you are trying to write the type parameter data to the family instance.

Think of it this way - in revit UI, there are two different menus - one for instance properties and one for type. When you access those - you are actually editing two different Revit Elements. One is the Family Instance (the 4ft x 8ft door you selected) and the other is the Family Type (the definition of what a 4ft x 8ft door is).

Thanks for the explanation Ben. I am writing these instance & type parameters into “all elements of category” so I think this should be ok?

I tried to use the Rhythm SetParameterByName(TypeOrInstance) and solved the issue.