Revit Text note from Excel

Hello to all. This is my first post. I am having Problem with creating text note to Draft view from Excel. I have managed to extract data from Excel and write it to Draft view, but all element of list are written on same place, overlaping each other.
What am i doing wrong?



The node TextNote.ByStringAndPosition needs a point for each text Ithink.
Try to create a list of point (corresponding to the position of each text) and connect it to the node.

I have created list of Points which contains exact number of Points as my list but i am stil not getting desired result.

TextNote.ByStringAndPosition will quite likely be deprecated in the next release of Clockwork. Please try using the new OOTB node TextNote.ByLocation. It has a bug if Revit’s language is set to German (, but works fine in English.

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