Creating text from either Notepad or Excel

I’m at a loss right now. I am just now beginning to learn Dynamo. I have a Lisp routine in AutoCAD where once you launch the qleader command it will prompt you to input a number that references back to a TXT file and drops the text in that TXT file into the qleader text field. I use this to keep a lot of similar detail notes the same. I am trying to use Dynamo to create something similar, but cannot find anything outside of this: Revit Text note from Excel. I’m still learning what all of the nodes means and wanted to see if anyone could help me out with some links to other “how-to” posts to help me along.

Thank you!

This should help you to get started:

You can probably use a File.ReadText node instead of typing the text in a code block. You could also need what’s in this discussion:

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Thanks! I’ll give those a read.