TextNote.ByLocation no error missing notes

I have a script that is trying to copy line work and text from cad links. It worked fine with another script but I’m having issues with this one.

Below you can see that I should have 16 notes but only a few got copied.

It’s hard if not impossible to see where the issue is when you only give one node as the output.

Try selecting the 16 using the select by I’d command in Revit, and/or dig into the parameters of the given elements. As you correctly identified the notes are there but not visible. Could be A result of the annotation crop boundary, Visibility graphics, or a dozen other possible issues, but in any case 16 items are there - you just can’t find them.

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Thanks for the id suggestion it was altering text notes it made in another drafting view for the last detail. Element binding strikes again.

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