Text, list and coordinates

Hi I have a list of points made by their xyz coordinates and a Text list (each text row refers to a point)
How can I print in Revit the text associated to each point?
I used TextNote.ByLocation but it prints all the text list in each point while what I want is to have the text referred to its own point. I mean text in List row 1 associated with point 1, text in List row 2 associated with point 2 and so on…
Thanks in advance!

Sounds like a lacing or lost level issue - are your points already sorted in the matching order as the rows? If so try adjusting your lacing as needed. Uploading a small sample data set (say 3 points/row combinations) would help.

Hi @jacob.small thanks for your reply.
Attached the dyn file.

As you can see in the picture I have 4 points and I want to associate the list “Point1, Point 2” to each point and print the text near the point.Prov.dyn (8.4 KB)
Each of them is already ordered.

No need for the List.Create node. You already created those names as a list. That probably has something to do with why your notes aren’t working. Can you show the rest of the graph with the note creation?

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Prov.dyn (8.4 KB)

Hi @Nick_Boyts I know that I don’t need for the List.Create node but I am trying to work on this small script because I need it for something bigger with lists read from an Excel spreadsheet.
The Textnote.bylocation turns yellow when I connect the “SelectHorizontal.TextAlignmnet” and first of all I don’t know why since it seems correct to me.
Then, as mentioned above I don’t know how to print my text near each point :confused:

Like Jacob said, your lists don’t match. You have a list of points and a lit of names but you’re wrapping your list of names in another list. That’s going to cause problems.

What does the error say?

Text notes work with XY points not XYZ points. This may resolve itself but you should check carefully.

Hi Nick, I know my lists are not matching but I don’t think the issue is that I am wrapping my list of names in another list because TextNote.ByLocation doesn’t still work even if it’s not wrappred.
See attached
Maybe I am far away from the solution following this path.
My aim is to write the text of a list near the points given by coordinates. What is the fastest way in your opinion?

Hi Jacob still the same issue if I only use xy coordinates or Origin (as I saw in some tutorials)

Anyway apart from this, as I said to Nick_Boyts I don’t know how I can connect points with a list of text and print the text near the points :S. In Grasshopper it is so easy doing something like this :frowning:

You’re missing inputs in your first graph. That’s why it’s “not working”.
What does the error say in the second graph?

I’m having no issues.

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Operation.byLocation failed. This is the error I have

I would clean up your empty lists and make sure those values are strings and not numbers.