Exporting a dynamo list into revit as text

Im extracting all this really great data (text and numbers, im building a revit model audit sheet as my opening view) that I want reinsert into Revit as text (drafting view im guessing?) but i cant crack the nut. I’ve got the list, i can create the drafting view but i can get the list in the drafting view. whats the trick here or better approach? Much thanks dynamo gurus.

I wanna say clockwork has a text.bystringandposition node.

Oh nice! I think this can do the trick, let me see what i can come up with. thanks john

Ok, making progress. Used ‘Select Model Element’ and got the Revit’s ID # for the actual text item and used <span style=“font-weight: 300;”>text.bystringandposition node to modify that text. that updated the text in revit (nice!) but only displayed the last item in list and not the whole contents of the list line by line. now thoughts on how to i get that whole list lined out? thanks!</span>

You’ll most likely need to merge the list into a single string. Try the following:

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All in working order. Cheers!

I have some nodes for this in Bakery package:

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