Revit - Creating drafting view from excel

Hello guys. I hope you can help. I am still learning Basics in Dynamo and I found a old script that help populate excel inside a Revit drafting view. The dynamo nodes were outdated so I needed to replace a few of them. I got to a point were dynamo can create the lines from excel but it wont generate the text. Any help or idea you guys can give me?excel-draftingview (1).dyn (183.0 KB)

MECHANICAL SCHEDULES - GCTC Schedules.xlsx (48.2 KB)

Hello, @Navid_Hoorzad ,

I did 3 changes in your script in “TextNote.ByStringAndPosition group” by adding “String From Object”
Removing “CodeBlock - Autodesk point” and directly connect the points and rearranging few inputs in “TextNote.ByStringAndPosition”

Now i am able to create text note in my drafting view. I think this will resolve you problem and you can modify the script further as per your requirement.
excel-draftingview (2).dyn (197.3 KB)

Thanks for your help @honeyjain619 , sorry it took me so long to get to trying the script you posted.

When I tired it, i’m getting a few warnings and I think it might be due to my packages. Here’s what I am using, would you be able to indicate what packages you are using so I can figure out why it is not working on my end?

Thank very much for your help!

Hello @Navid_Hoorzad ,

following packages are used in the script and and on top of all the custom packages nodes, package name and version are also mention. as you can see in the images.

further we need to check what type of warning you are getting, whether package node are missing or lacing problem or scale problem, etc

Hey @honeyjain619

Here are the warnings I am getting. I also reuploaded the dyn, maybe you can check to see if I broke anything.

excel-draftingview (2).dyn (198.0 KB)