Revit schedules

Hi all,

I’m knew to this but wondering…we prepare all our schedules in Revit but there are few things that we can’t do it in Revit like changing word colours or colouring a row.
Does anyone know how to do this using Dynamo? we are not using excell anymore so the idea is to run everything in revit.

many thanks

Unfortunately, things like formatting a schedule are still better and easier done in Excel.

Search for “Bumblebee” package in dynamo package manager. It contains some nodes that allow you to change the format of excel cells from within dynamo itself. This should make things a bit easier.

@sed07 Thnak you for this I will have a look on it will help with the Pre-Con schedules for now.
But would be nice to find a way to work better in the schedules in Revit if Dynamo could help with that would be amazing!