Help with "New File by Template" node - Bumblebee

I am trying to export a single schedule to excel and this is what I have so far. Any suggestion for the betterment of the code is much appreciated.

Anyway, I found this New File by Template from bumblebee but its not working for me ( or something is wrong in what I have wired)

Can somebody shed some light please.

Option 1 is working…Option 2 using the New File Template is not…


I’m having the exact same issue. Anyone have any ideas?

Up for this…still haven’t solve this one.

That node is a little more complex. The use case for this was the following. If you have a nicely formatted sheet in Excel, with graphics, and merged columns etc. none of the Excel export nodes are very good at writing to seemingly random cells. So what I came up with was a workflow where I just dump all data to one sheet (“Data”) and then reference these values in the “Template” sheet. That way I can simply dump all data in a single row or column, and my pretty template will be populated via references. With that being said, to get this to work you need to:

  1. Specify Template File Path. That’s an empty Excel file, that has two sheets: “Template” and “Data”.
  2. Folder that new files will be saved in. Imagine feeding in data for multiple rooms, and expecting to generate a new Excel file for each room (room data sheets). They will be saved in this directory.
  3. New file name for each file that will be saved out. In my use case I was doing RDS sheets so i used room name/number + .xlsx to create the file name.
  4. The actual data. It should be formatted in this manner List[][] or [[data], [data1], [data2]]. Basically nested lists where each sublist refers to new excel file.
  5. Remember the first input? Template and Data sheets have to be two worksheets so they might have different names. Specify these two. They cannot be the same sheet.
  6. Boolean toggle to run the definition.


Konrad, I am going nuts trying to figure this out, would it be possible to post an example to this solution? t would be much appreciated.

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