Transferring Existing Conditional Formatting to Excel

Hey all,

Wondering if anyone knows if the ability to harvest information on existing conditional formatting on a schedule within Revit to transfer to an Excel sheet exists.

I’ve been playing around with the Bumblebee in Dynamo and my concern is that formatting a schedule wouldn’t have the same result on different schedules with different formatting settings and different amounts of cells because Bumblebee’s conditional formatting settings seem pretty specific.

If anyone knows if these settings within Revit are accessible somehow through a different package or preferably the API feel free to point me in the right direction.


@Piero ,

the regular export happened as .txt. I would recoment to prepare a well exceltemplate and load the .txt via Data into it.



Hey @Draxl_Andreas,

I get what your saying to work with the data in a “.txt” file which is out of the box Revit export, but that doesn’t give me information on Conditional Formatting that is existing within that schedule in Revit. I have a Dynamo script that exports my schedule I want to Excel. The feature I want to add to it is it formats the excel schedule exactly like how it is in Revit. I would prefer to fully automate this task instead of manually making excel templates to just copy formatting that already exists in Revit.

Based on my research so far I don’t know if harvesting that existing data from Revit is possible.

I second the better approach of building a template and copying the data into it. From what I can see, there isn’t API for conditional formatting exposed on the Microsoft docs, so it might not be automateable.

Suggest searching through it to see what you can find:

Given it’s a range associated object it would be best to look at those, as I’m unsure if it would be a cell property if it were exposed.

Hey @GavinCrump,

Thanks for your response and for sending that resource. I’ll take a look at it and see if we find a solution hopefully to automate this. I’ll send our findings (if any) to this post.

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