Exporting Schedule > Excel

I’ve been reading up on the various discussions around exporting schedules from Revit into Excel. The bumblebee primer seems to be rather perfect, but I’m running into some troubles (likely due to lack of dynamo knowledge).

The attached screen shot shows my attempt to use the bumblebee data node to export the material schedule into an excel doc. Next step will be to format, but first can’t even get it to write…

My assumptions are the hiccups are happening in either (1) the code block for “data” – I don’t understand what is happening here. Or, (2) that the “BB Data” node is looking under “sheets” instead of in the “schedules/quantities” tab. (this schedule is not placed on a sheet)

Any wisdom/advice/tips would be appreciated. Thank you.

It seems like you need to brush up a little on basic Dynamo concepts. :wink:

The “SheetName” refers to Excel sheet name. Bumblebee is an interop package for writing/reading data to/from excel. BB Data node is used to send data to excel and sheetName refers to what sheet it will be written into. It has nothing to do with Revit schedules or sheets.