Revit geometry to Dynamo

Ive checked other solutions but my dyanmo file is not showing geometry in revit and im not able to export it to revit ! please check if anythingbiodome node 2.dyn (69.0 KB)
is wrong With my file

You need a solid. Also if your Revit file is mm you’ll need to scale off the dynamo geometry

I’M still rookie when it comes to dyanmo can you please tell me how exactly i can do that ?

i tried surface.thicken to make it solid but it came up with error

can you upload file ? it will be really helpful

here you go:biodome node 2 - v2.dyn (74.0 KB)

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Thanks alot

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Geometry is coming like is this . im still doing something wrong ?

It’s working for me. Close dynamo and zoom all

i tried its still not working is it possible for you yo upload it here ? revit file ?

Still Same

I’m not in a family environment. try in a Revit project

first i tried in revit project then in family environment result is same

Check my Revit file. Could it be the version? I’m using Revit 2018.2 and Dynamo 1.3.2

Dome.rvt (1.7 MB)

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thanks, it worked

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Great! Please mark the topic as solved

I’VE to figure that out how to mark it as resolved

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