Revit geometry to Dynamo


Ive checked other solutions but my dyanmo file is not showing geometry in revit and im not able to export it to revit ! please check if anythingbiodome node 2.dyn (69.0 KB)
is wrong With my file


You need a solid. Also if your Revit file is mm you’ll need to scale off the dynamo geometry


I’M still rookie when it comes to dyanmo can you please tell me how exactly i can do that ?


i tried surface.thicken to make it solid but it came up with error



can you upload file ? it will be really helpful


here you go:biodome node 2 - v2.dyn (74.0 KB)


Thanks alot


Geometry is coming like is this . im still doing something wrong ?


It’s working for me. Close dynamo and zoom all


i tried its still not working is it possible for you yo upload it here ? revit file ?


Still Same


I’m not in a family environment. try in a Revit project


first i tried in revit project then in family environment result is same


Check my Revit file. Could it be the version? I’m using Revit 2018.2 and Dynamo 1.3.2

Dome.rvt (1.7 MB)


thanks, it worked


Great! Please mark the topic as solved


I’VE to figure that out how to mark it as resolved