Dynamo Geometry to be modified in Revit

Good afternoon,

Bear with me as I am very new to Dynamo as well as Revit. So I am playing with dynamo and have managed to create a flow that automatically reads an excel sheet with inputs and creates the geometry of a dome (shown below).

Now I assume because I accessed Dynamo through the manage tab of my Revit file, it automatically linked the two? Resulting in this model (in Revit).

Now, I am currently unable to edit this model in Revit, but that is my goal. My idea was to create these geometries automatically in Dynamo and then touch them up in Revit, and eventually perform a structural analysis of the dome.

If you have any tips, or ideas for me to try, please feel free to share!

You haven’t actually created anything yet. Dynamo has a Revit preview (which is what you’re seeing.) You either need to convert your Dynamo geometry to a DirectShape or create Revit elements like beams, curtain panels, etc.