Revit Family with Shared Parameters: Not Showing in Sheet After Dynamo Run


I need some help, I created a dynamo algorithm to create sheets in revit from an excel file.
I also used a family for the title block which uses shared parameters.
Here I have my shared parameters, created in revit

Here is my algorithm:

And here I have highlighted the outcome where all the shared parameters are missing.

How do I get dynamo to, or, which nodes and their relative connections to retrieve the shared parameters so all the sheets are complete.
An example the sheets should look like this:

Thank you!


first, create your shared parameters as a project parameter assigned to the sheets category as an instance parameter, do this without the use of dynamo, it’s possible but let’s take it one step at the time.
Create sheets
Use SetParameterByName to fill the values to the parameters created in step 1.
Let me know how you progress

Hi Marcel,

Thank you for responding to my call for help
This is my first time opening Dynamo so excuse me for my ignorance

I created the project parameters in revit as you instructed, and the sheets are created from dynamo that has been running from before

Connecting the “SetParameterByName” node as show below it filled the value in the properties box


Here is the script

But because the project parameters are outside of the family title block, it wont show correct?
Because I didn’t show in the project just on the properties box.

So how do i link the these new project parameters (In dynamo i assume) so they correspond to the right location on the title block. and use the varying values from the excel sheet?

Many thanks

Ok now edit the titleblock family.
Add a label with the same shared parameter (from your shared parameter file) and place it in the correct place on the titleblock.
Save your family and load it in to the project.
open a sheet and fill the value for this parameter.
If this works, create all parameters in the titleblock family and now we can start using dynamo to fill the rest of the values.

Okay I did it, and it works,…shared parameter as project parameters (all in revit)
How do i begin with dynamo?

Very good,

In your graph with the excel file you have the transpose node, from there you use GetItemAtIndex multiple times to get access to the colums of excel info and use SetParameterByName to lead the values to the correct parameter. As the amount of values is the same as the amount of sheets in the project they will match. If you have more sheets we will need some more nodes to make it match


Try this

stanley.dyn (21.3 KB)Project.rvt (420 KB)

Doc list simple.xlsx (11.0 KB)

Hi M.Rijsmus!

So if i understood, after list transpose those two code blocks 0 and 1 are for the first two columns in excel.

  • in the real excel file i have to do its from columns B to G so 6 columns but the tool .createemptysheet only has two inputs for lists. Is it a script that would be the solution to this problem?? Because all the List.drop items from the 6 columns will have to go into one .createemptysheet node???
    Full Test.xlsx (94.2 KB)

Revit dosent show the title block when when i load this family and select it under family types
titleblock.rfa (796 KB)

Also, in the full test excel file it has multiple sheets: CD-A-01, DD-B-01 and CD-S-01 and I have a figure a way how to make the revit sheets from those excel sheets. Could you also help me with this please?
I have the feeling one has to learn design script to handle such complexity efficiently, is it a better approach?


When creating Sheets, revit only wants a unique value (like column A in your excel file) for the sheet number which is the third input in the node Tool.CreateEmptySheets.

Understood, any idea why this error is being received?

I’m using dynamo 1.3.2 and Revit 2017.2
You are on newer versions of both i believe.
I don’t know if SteamNodes is updated to dynamo 2.0 yet
Can you try placing the node Tool.CreateEmptySheets again in the graph and reconnect it.

Yes I downloaded it just now so i could use the .createemptysheet node

I replaced the node, but still the same error

Could you send me a screen shot of your end result in Revit please?
I would like to see if its done also with this titleblock

titleblock.rfa (796 KB)

And if the names are also populated in the sheet


Try deleting all sheets in the project first so your sheet numbers won’t have duplicates

Lets try this titleblock

I had to create the labels with the shared parameters, now it looks like this.
the titleblock family is very big 12Mb !!
so every new sheet is adding 12Mb to your file.

I just asked a colleague about the 12mb for every new sheet, she says that the 12mb is for the family and its only one in the revit project. so it dosent multiply with each new sheet. Then she asked if its a problem for me, when you made all the revit sheets does your revit respond slower?

and how does work it for you!!

Titleblock 2017.rfa (692 KB)

now it is 692Kb
just Purge

Okay it works and opens the sheets in revit with the title block.
Thank you M!!

But theres just one more issue:

  1. With the dynamo graph you created, how do we get the titles from column b in excel to populate the sheets in revit here?

    Would we have to make another parameter in revit? And how would we graph that in dynamo to link with it?

I see from the Tool.CreateEmptySheets. the names are present there but after that they become quotas?