Revit family types vs Dynamo Line types

I am trying to understand more about the line type relationship between Revit family type and Dynamo geometry/line types. Are there certain types of lines and 2d geometry in Dynamo only work in Revit profile or generic model families?

This is more a Revit question than a Dynamo one.

Any family type which is view based (annotations, detail items) or sketch based (2d plane constrained form, such as profiles) need to have their geometry drawn on the XY plane, typically with the ‘origin’ of the shape on the origin on the plane or at least with some localized understanding thereof. Imagine drawing a sweep in 3d, Revit constricts you to the plane which the sketch is on, right? Dynamo can’t do that as it doesn’t know yet, so you’ll often get a failure when sending non-planar geometry, or worse yet it’ll work but your shape will be deformed as Revit will ‘pull’ stuff to be coplanar in some way.

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Thank you! I was thinking how to make the custom node to export geometry to a generic model family instead of a profile family. If I can export the XZ plane geometry to a generic model family, I can show it in the 3d view in Revit.

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