Get a family type by a geometry built into dynamo

Hi guys, I’ve a big problem, for a thesys project I build a solid geometry into dynamo.
Now, I would import this solid in revit like a mass or a generic model, how can I do it ?

I’ve tried via “Springs Family Instance by Geometry” node but it seems doesn’t work to me.
When I run the script whit this node, dynamo get me an error, it opens the family template.

How Can I fix?

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@stemilan96 ,

check out this topic

But if I follow this methos I’ll get a SAT file or not?
I would get an instance into revit so I might add some parameters for example

@stemilan96 ,

i know…

you can also update your walls and floors via reloading a new generic model with the .sat format in it…

maybe there are better workflows



What error?