Revit .epw import for systems analysis

Hi. I’m trying to import .epw data (.TRY and .DSY) into revit to use the systems analysis tool. In a few webinars, it’s been mentioned that this can be done with custom workflows involving dynamo, but information on this is extremely sparse. I’m aware ladybug allows .epw import, but can I then use this within revit’s systems analysis? If so, can anyone tell me how?

Is there another, easier way or am I better off just trying to export my model into openstudio and use that instead?

The purpose of this is to test a building against 2050 and 2070 climate projections.

I’m afraid I’m a complete beginner at dynamo, as I kind of assumed this would be a feature in Revit already. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Did you find any method?

Don’t believe one exists anymore given ladybug package dev stopped for Dynamo. The source Python code and libraries for ladybug should still be available though I think, either via Grasshopper’s package or in the legacy package for Dynamo. It’s pretty complex though.

Where I work currently we use Ladybug to generate sun eye views and given we need this in Revit sometimes we did the following:

  1. In Rhino and Grasshopper 3d, use Ladybug to generate all sun vectors required
  2. We also do this process for key days we often need generally, and for common cities we work in (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane), so these are readily available (typically solstices)
  3. We take these and write them to csv files with 4 columns, the first is datetime and then X,Y,Z component for the related vector
  4. In Dynamo we can read those csv files and we use a datashapes UI to let users pick the datetime read via the csv file as keys, whilst passing through the indices they occur at as values
  5. We then retrieve the indices nominated by the user to get corresponding vector and can then use that and the datetime to make views from the sun

If all of that sounds too complex or long winded I’d just suggest looking into Rhino 3d and Ladybug as beyond view from sun we find that we get more suitable outcomes from Ladybug in that platform anyway.