About importing EPW for weather data

Hi, Do you know what is the problem here ? why the weather data can’t be loaded ?

After some googling it appears that Dynamo currently doesn’t have a stable way to pull package directory paths directly from the API and every couple of releases Dynamo changes it’s installation folder locations. Since the Ladybug package hasn’t been updated since 2018. I’m also assuming that you’re using a newer version of DynamoCore or DynamoRevit then what was being used in 2018. Therefore I’d assume the Dynamo installation folder locations have changed again. As far as fixing the issue that’s above my expertise and I’ll have to rely on someone to answer the how to part. However, it would require going into the python node and changing the Dynamo packages file paths I’d assume.

Thank for your reply…
is there any other package can do the same mission?

3 options I use for this are:

  • export epw data from rhino to csv where ladybug still works using grasshopper
  • use rhino and grasshopper/lb
  • use rhino inside revit

Ladybug for grasshopper is the true and best version of it, the dynamo version was interesting but did show the limits of dynamo when it came to geometry (e.g. forget about using a detailed city context mesh).

Learning grasshopper was a great choice for me, and combined with dynamo gives a great deal of coverage computationally in architecture.

Here’s a video I made showing Rhino inside using ladybug: Ladybug in Revit using Rhino Inside! - YouTube

I’ll check the tutorial, it seems very useful
thank you very much

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