Solar Analysis using Ladybug tools

Hello everyone,

I am actually trying to do an annual solar analysis on a rooftop, in order to do that i dispose of a REVIT model and an epw file.

After a few research, i found out about the ladybug tools that work with Dynamo.

So my first question is :

  1. Do you think it is even feasible to do something like this with Ladybug tools, will the simulation take all the data from the epw file and the specificities of the REVIT surfaces i take into account?

After trying to look at tutorials and try it on my own and checking the Dynamo forum. I noticed that there are some problems according to the versions of Dynamo, Ladybug and Honeybee you can use.

  1. Does anyone know about a set of versions that would work for my project?

  2. What would be the best way to learn how to use those tools correctly?

I have seen the tutorials on YouTube but there seems to be a lot more of possibilities but not all of them are described in some versions.

I hope some you of can help me to improve myself with the Ladybug tools.

Thank you.

Assuming you’ve checked this documentation out?

Thank your for the answer,

I finished looking at the documentation, it’s great to be able to understand the way to use the blocks given by Honeybee and Ladybug.

But the thing is that even the latest version on Dynamo, even by using the correct Output with the correct Input. The Output and the Input don’t seem to be of the same kind.

For example with the Sky Matrix and the Honeybee Surface block have these kind of problems:

I tried different kind of Inputs but it doesn’t seem to fit for anything.
If anyone can tell me whats is wrong with what I did I would really appreciate the help.

Here is the dyn file that I use :

Test.dyn (61.1 KB)