How can i do a building energy analysis with dynamo?

I tried to use the packeges Ladybug and Honeybee in the last version of dynamo for revit 2021 but the node (Rooms to HBZones) from Honeybee is not working and i dont know why… I had the same problem with Ladybug but finally i could solve it… So now i am dealing with the Honeybee error…

I also want to know if there is another way to make a solar analysis?
I would be very grateful if someone could help me!

Hi Juani,
I also have the same problem that the node(Rooms to HBZones) from honeybee is not working. So I was wondering if you have resolved this problem. I’ll appreciate it if you could share the solution.

Most ladybug packages aren’t supported beyond Revit 2019. We tend to use Grasshopper/Rhino for this sort of study in the industry as a result, and it’s also superior to what the dynamo packages can/could achieve anyway.

Hello, I would like to ask if the energy analysis for dynamo (stopped updating in 2016) can still be used on revit2023, and if there are other channels to read the simulation results of green building studio through dynamo