LadyBug EPW import

Hi People,

What happened to the ‘Analysis Period’ input for the new Ladybug updated import epw node inside dynamo?
Currently it looks like this:

Where in the past it looked like this:


Hi, maybe it got an update? Btw - can you see any results? I’ve had a try with Ladybug nodes but something was missing inside the nodes.

Hey yeah nothing. no result. need the analysis period to run my script but cant do anything.

Note ladybug is large in part unsupported for Dynamo these days and doesn’t work post 2019 due to weather file parsing errors (not the developer’s fault - long story).

If it is anything like the grasshopper package, you would feed the analysis period in at the next step. For example if you generate a sun path, the analysis period input should be there as well as the location input. This makes more sense as all of those outputs are fairly irrespective of an analysis period.

I haven’t had a chance to try it myself but did find this which maybe of use.

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