Turn Multi Lines into one Conduit with fitting


I’m working on a dynamo script that can automatically find the shortest path(Topology) between two racks on given cable tray pathway. I was lucky, the development process is really smooth.
But Im stuck at the last step, I’m looking for a method or a node that can turn the curves into one conduit(Curves as shown in snap)

Output is a shortest pathway (polycurve) from topology. Ideally, the plan is I deconstruct the polycurve to get these lines and turn lines into conduits.
However, The result from that script is a bunch of segment of conduits, its still look like a conduit run(fully aligned), but its not connected and without fitting.

There are direction I thought but cannot move forward:

  1. Merge the line, then turn into conduit , then create fitting by MEPover. But I don’t know how to merge the curves to line.

Thank you in advance, I appreciate any help or idea.

Hi @zhequanz ,

What types of elements are created in the Conduits.ByCurve node?
Perhaps you could use an Element.Geometry node to get the curves followed by a PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves node to create a continous PolyCurve.

Hi Daan,

Thanks for the reply!!

They are conduits.

The output from the Topology is a continous polyCurve. But the Conduits.ByCurve can be only fed by line. You can see there are some long straight line in this polyCurve, but it is cut by some points:

I hope that explain my situation. Do you know how to Merge multiple lines in line to one Geometry line?

Thank you again.

Best regards,

Can you create a conduit in Revit, aside from Dynamo, which follows a line with curves in it?