Conduits.ByLines - It does not place Conduits in Revit

Hi All,

I would sincerely appreciate some assistance. I have been given the task to design some conduits layout and given the repetitive task, I have decided to do it in Dynamo. I have created points(based on vector displacement and directions) from which I created a poly curve. I have then fed the given curves as input “lines” to conduits.bylines.

Unfortunately, it only considered the first and last point of the polycurve, ignoring the mid points in between.

Please feel free to comment and correct as needed.

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Conduit Attemp.dyn (156.7 KB)


The node Conduit.ByLines will only take lines, no polycurves! So it looks like it will try to connect the startpoint-endpoint of the polycurves. Did you try splitting them?


You were right! The moment I split them it draws the conduits in Revit, but it does not connect the joints/connection, do you know how to overcome this?


You could try the ‘Elbow.ByMEPCurves’ nodes, just feed it the conduits:

Another (and much faster) way would be to use the ‘MEPFitting.ByMEPCurves’ node:
But that node expects specific conduits as input, so you need to know which conduit has to be connected to the other conduit.

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I initially tried what suggested but it didn’t work, so I split the poly curves as suggested above. Followed by a simple list manipulation, where I subdivided the lines into lists of two, being able to place fittings with elbow.bymepcurves.

Let me know if there is a better way.


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Hi Horacio, i don’t have time today to look into your graph, but tomorrow i have some spare time. :slight_smile:

If you can explain to me what Package you are using and what you are trying to achieve exactly, maybe with a small sketch i think i might be able to help! (And your dyn file :slight_smile: )


I basically created translated points, creating a line of points and then I joined them using polycurves. The function conduits.bylines did not considered my poly curves so I split them into lines rather than polycurves. After this, conduit.bylines worked. However the elbow.bymepcurves did not. So I had to divide the line data set into pairs to be able to create fittings between the conduits.

Conduit Attemp.dyn (477.9 KB)

But what are you trying to do with your script? i don’t understand what your end goal is. Do you maybe have something visual?

Hi Daan,

Sorry for the late reply. I want to basically create a route for the conduits by placing coordinated points, later converting it to lines and then conduits. However the struggle has been to convert lines to conduits and placing fittings. Sometime it works, other times it doesn’t.

I have attached the .dyn and image for your clarification.


Conduit Attemp.dyn (517.8 KB)

Okay so you have points in revit, you create lines between them, and then you create conduits the same length as these lines? And what is your first “” node supposed to select?


  1. Select straight line - Revit


  1. Use Vector to get new points - following my future conduit layout
  2. Convert points to lines
  3. Split Lines
  4. Convert lines to conduits
  5. Place fittings between conduits

I hope this helps

So you have a line, you create points on them and then you split this line by points? Thats step 1 to 4 right?

Hi Horacio,

I have looked into it but unfortunately i don’t know how to create conduits from your script.
(I also don’t really understand why you have these giant code blocks everywhere.)
I tried it but it does not work.

Good luck with it from here, i am sorry i couldn’t help you.