How do I change a shared parameter

I am new and just beginning into Dynamo and have watched a few videos on how to change a parameter but I am having a tough time changing a shared parameter in an Electrical Fixture family. I want to upload an image if I can.

Any help on why the string I entered is not finding this parameter.
The code block I thought would change the param to this string?

This has nothing to do with being a shared parameter and everything to do with being a type parameter. You need to get the family types from those instances in order to modify their type parameters.

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So are you saying a category is used for instance parameters and type should be used with ‘All elements of type’? Any resources of getting type params and a lot of my shared params are instances too which I will want to look at too?

You only need to retrieve the individual family types that you wish to modify regardless if it’s a shared parameter or not. You do NOT need to retrieve all elements of that type. Type parameter changes affect all placed instances of that specific type.

See the image for what is needed in simple terms, if there are more family types that need this change, you’ll need to build that into your graph. I used a Rhythm node to set the type parameter.

Instance parameters come directly from the FamilyInstance. Type parameters only exist in the FamilyType. All Elements of Category gets the FamilyInstances (the placed objects). You can use those to get any instance parameters you want, but you would then have to get the FamilyType from those instances in order to get type parameters. FamilyInstance.Type will get the type for you.

Yea I can see where that will get complicated and may just try to work on instaned params which is probably where I want to concentrate anyway. Let me play around with this and see how it shacks out. Thanks for your help.