Change Family type parameter to instance parameter

is there any way of creating a script to change a host of family-type parameters to instance parameters.

I have had a search on here and on google and can’t find any answers :frowning:


Yes, check out the Clockwork package, that package has the exact node(s) you are looking for :slight_smile:


Would I be able to get this package in revit 2017?


ive tried this but doesn’t do anything, im new to dynamo as you can possibly see.

im trying to get the elevation bottom parameter in a family to change from type to instance, i tried it on one family and it just stayed the same

Hey Nick,

Could you maybe share your family / dynamo script to the forum?
I would like to help you out but for now i do not have enough information.

Here you go.
Test.rfa (392 KB)
Parameter-Type to Instance.dyn (6.4 KB)

Hey i have tried some things in your revit family but i mostly work from Projects so i don’t know how to solve this problem.

What i do know is that with the select model elements tool you will not get all your created parameters in the active family.
I will try to look around online to see if i can find something useful for you. :slight_smile:

@Nick-H Nevermind, i got it :slight_smile:

With the node Element.Name+ you get the list of the names of these parameters, you can then filter on these to only change the ones you want :slight_smile:

and this will change all selected families with the same parameter? could you post the DYN please :smiley:

This will replace every single (type/ instance) parameter, in the active Family. To a type or family parameter.

[2019-11-29] Dynamo Forum Post Nick-H.dyn (7.5 KB)

ah do you have to be in the family? is there any way to do it in a project. i have like 300 families with the same type parameter i need to make into an instance parameter

Yes to use these Clockwork nodes you need to run this script from out of the Family Document.
I have never had this need so i dont know how to do a work around for this :slight_smile:

Hi Daan, I’ve been looking in to this and I can’t filter out the parameters that I do not want to turn in to either Type or Instance based. I need the family to have a mixture of both, but want the ability to say “these” parameters are “Type” and the rest are Instance. How do you do it? I’ve tried to filter the parameters out but it’s not working. See screenshot…by the way I’m really new to Dynamo.

Look like list management issue. can you share your family with scope.

Hi Vijay here’s the family, appreciate your help.CB_Pr2085_M3_ATK_SheetPile344W_0001_03.rfa (612 KB)

you just want know parameter types right? you don’t want change the parameter?

Hi Vijay, what I need to do is set the 6 listed parameters in the code block to be either Type based or Instance based parameters.

I can not find this parameter in this family? do you want add this parameter in this family?

The family has the parameters see attached screenshot. At present highlighted in yellow they are set as “Type”. I would like to change these to “Instance”.

Hi @adrianhg4,

you need to put in the actual parameter for this to work (instead of the string/ name)
Try getting the indices in your first list according to your Code Block with List.IndexOf and then List.GetItematIndex