Revit 2023 Player Missing


New install, Windows 11. Player is grayed-out. Ran the <ResetUI.bat> to no avail. Player doesn’t seem to be off-screen.

New install of Revit 2022 on the same computer comes in fine.

Any clues?

Best to reach out to support via the accounts portal ( so we can get this logged with development.

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Does this comparison of 2022 & 2023 folders hold a clue?


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Marked @JacobSmall 's reply as the solution because that is the best way to handle this. Posting screenshots with no additional information is not helpful at all.

I am betting you are leaving out the fact that you tried to update Dynamo yourself by copying the core runtime files. But, I am not sure as you just posted screengrabs, with (once again) very little context.

Only a new Revit 2023 install on a fairly-fresh-reset Windows 11 plus Revit 2023.0.2 Hotfix.

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