Upgraded Revit 2017 to 2017.2.3 and Dynamo player is greyed out!

Hey all I just upgraded Revit 2017 to 2017.2.3 and now the dynamo player is greyed out as soon as i open the project. Ive tried alt-tab, and alt-space but the window doesnt show up at all! any ideas? Its also not showing up in task manager either. Running 2.02 dynamo

Brand new project and its grayed out

Have you got two versions of dynamo installed, click the dynamo button and choose a version if you do then this will make dynamo player active.

i only have 2.0.1 installed the 1.3.3 is greyed out in the program manager so i cant delete it

turns out dynamo 2.0 and up dont work with revit 2017 and you need 1.3.3 to make it work