Revit 2020 Dynamo 2.1.07733 Default Background Preview greyed out


I have Revit 2020 and dynamo 2.1.07733.

The problem: the code does not display any geometry except in revit.
I can only see code preview but no geometry preview.

Default Background Preview option is greyed out.

I tried to update NVidia drivers, and force Revit to run on NVidia, but the button is still greyed out.

Can someone help with this issue?

Try forcing Dynamo to run on the nvidea card as well.

can you check what version of directX you have installed first - and then try running this:

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I figured it out - my directX wasn’t up to date.
I installed the latest version from the Microsoft site and the Dynamo background preview menu became available.

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This didn’t work for me.

I have directX 12 - can’t seem to find however if this is up-to-date.

I’ve checked for updates using Windows Update and there didn’t seem to be any…

Any ideas?